Exercise to avoid marks on the eyes

The daily lives of many women show their involvement with computer screens, cell phones, tablets, among many other electronic devices that can directly compromise eye fatigue, causing the face to acquire some marks over time. expression in this region.

In order to meet the need to keep the aesthetics up to date in the eye region, gymnastics is applied to the area, with some basic movements that can be made and trained over time to improve the firmness of the skin and prevent eye fatigue.

1. Focusing

To train the focus of the look, one should sit in a chair a few meters away from a certain object, stretching the arm with the thumb pointed towards the ceiling, looking at it for 15 seconds. After that, you should keep your eyes glazed on the object in front of your thumb for another 15 seconds.

This relay should be done five times, allowing the eyes to be sharpened for a view both from a distance and closer.

2. Flexibility

Offering flexibility to the eye muscles also greatly helps to minimize the tiredness and signs that may appear in the eye region.

As a gymnastic exercise to offer greater flexibility, one should imagine the symbol of the infinite drawn on a wall, performing the complete movement with the eye for about ten times, then switching the direction for another ten repetitions. After this, you should keep your eyes fully on the left, as much as possible, for five seconds. Blink a few times before doing the same with the right side, down and up.

3. Strengthening

Another possibility of gymnastic exercise is aimed at strengthening the eyelids, leaving the eyes partially closed, seeing only half of the scenery, feeling the contraction of the muscles.

The movement should be done for only 15 seconds, closing the eyes for a few moments to recover the vision, performing the same process again for another minute.

4. Circulation

To optimize blood circulation in sight and avoid tiredness and expression marks in the region, it is possible to make the simple movement of opening and closing the eyes, aiding in both the optimization of blood movement in the place, and in the lubrication of the eyes.

You should open and close your eyes, pausing for a few seconds with them open or closed, for 8 times, promoting a sense of relief, especially after a day in front of the computer, for example.

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